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Coral Gables Waterway Usage and Bridge Clearances for Powerboats

Waterfront property sells at a premium, especially property that comes with dock space, and/or  direct access to open water.  Many of the canals and waterways in Miami open to the bay and ocean.  Some are free of brigdes …  Others have fixed bridges  of varying heights that allow the passage of vessels ranging in size from 20 ft to 40 ft .  Bridge clearances themselves vary from 7′ to 18′.

Bridge Clearances (*Elevation at M.L.W.):

Alhambra Circle               9.5′

Bird Road                          10′

Blue Road (East)             11′

Blue Road (West)            10′

Cocoplum Blvd.              12′

Granada Blvd                   10′

Granada                            18′

Hardee Road                   18′

Isla Dorarda Blvd           21′

Le Jeune Road                 12′

Lugo Ave                           10′

Matheson Hammock/Hammock Oaks  16′

Maynada                           18′

Old Cutler Road             13′

Pisano Avenue                7′

Ponce de Leon Blvd    10′

Prado Blvd                       7′

US1 / South Dixie Hwy   10′

Power boats that are equipped with  t-tops or arches that have folding mechanizms  enable  many large vessells to navigate through the Gables Waterways and access the open water – even given that there are bridges of varying clearance heights  (7′-18′).

Examples of vessels with folding t-tops that dock along the Gables Waterways and have access to the open water via 10′ and higher bridges: 32-40′ Intrepids , 35′ MarLago, 35′ Contender, 30′ Boston Whaler, 27 ‘ Donzi.

*Source: Map of Coral Gables, Florida

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