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Avoid the pitfalls … and get your house sold

Sidestep the biggest pitfalls :  Get your house ready to sell  before listing  it.

Repair anything that really needs to be taken care of…

Take care of the cosmetic aspects:  paint  … declutterorganize… 

Stage it  (if staging is needed  – and especially if the house is empty)…  Staging even just a corner of the living room and creating an emotive feel …  adding a dining area or a focal point… you can create a feel that entices buyers into wanting to buy.  “Dress”  even just one or two rooms.   Try to avoid trying selling  it completely empty … because empty houses tend to sell for less money.   If you need to relocate and move out, it’s worth  cosmetically staging even just a corner.

Price it right.  (Not too high.  There’s a magic number, and that’s what you’re aiming for.)

List it with someone  you are confident in.  There will likely be unforseen hiccups, and if you have a competant real estate professional who can get everyone through the quagmire ,you’re more likely to end up at the closing table exchanging  keys.

We would really love to work with you!   If you’re considering buying or selling , and looking for a top Miami real estate agent to work with …  call us.    The Restivo Team … Vicki and Alexandra  305 793-1365 or 305 632-0164.

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