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I showed two rather similar homes to a client a few months back …  same vicinity/neighborhood, similar in size, age, amenities, lay-out, price, and curb appeal and design.

One house,  she loved.  The other she didn’t.  She couldn’t put her finger on why. I’m pretty sure I know why … 

The house she didn’t like… in reality… offered a lot more  bang for the buck  … more value … more in the way of upgrades and quality finishes  and workmanship.   So, what was it?

So here’s my two cents worth…

The first house we had all to ourselves…  And because of that my buyer could envision living there … her  furniture … arranging it (in her head).  She talked about changing out the doors (having them open in rather than out).  She asked questions, and lingered.  She envisioned family dinners, and talked about sitting on the patio while the kids played in the yard … she stood at the kitchen window  and saw herself  LIVING  in that house.  Nothing fancy … just day to day life in her new home.  She bought that house.

The house that she didn’t buy, and the reason she didn’t buy it, had a lot to do with the fact that the owner was there…  showing it.  There was no Realtor.  It was listed by a  discount broker … one who didn’t  SHOW property … in order for the seller to save on commission…  The seller and his family were  there … opening and showing the house …  It made it  hard for the buyer to connect  because the house and the stories were his (the owners) and the buyer was his “guest“.   The seller shared  inordinate amounts of  information …. what he’d done to the house … and the yard… the memories he had …  details about his neighbors (you get the idea).   TV was on …  video games going .  House smelled of food. 

It was a beautiful house …  Why didn’t my buyer like his house?  

It wasn’t that she didn’t like it.  She did.  She was distracted by the chaos …  and she felt like a guest.  She never  imagined herself living there…. she had no freedom to think, dream and create in her head …

The home  she ended up buying … it was the other one… the one listed and shown by someone other than the seller. 

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