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Negotiating an Offer … Opening a Can of Worms?

By counter-offering, you temporarily relinquish ‘control’.  Power moves to the other party … who can accept, decline, counter back, or withdraw entirely (moving on to another property … or another buyer).

Unlikely scenario, although we just came across this:  Buyer put in a strong offer, right where the property will likely appraise, and the seller countered back …. hoping for a higher sales price. Instead of countering again, in the direction the sellers hoped the buyers would go, the buyers  REDUCED their initial offer instead!

Anytime you counter back, you risk the other party retracting their offer or changing their terms.

Most often the back and forth is worth the ‘breath holding” or the “tossing and turning” …  particularly if you have other options  … and this isn’t the one and only home for you.

Negotiations can be stressful for the buyer and the seller … and no they don’t always go the way you hope for .    We’re pleased at being able to negotiate offers creatively … and close them …. so that we get the best possible terms for our buyers and sellers.

When you’re ready to buy, sell or move we would love to chat with you!   You can reach us anytime on our cellulars 305 793-1365 Vicki  … and 305 632-0164  Alexandra … The Restivo Team at EWM Realtors.



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