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Apartments for Rent in Florence, Italy … Tuscany


I’ve gotten a number of recent requests from friends and clients heading to Italy on vacation, asking where to stay (since Tuscany is our ‘second home’) .

Windows on Italy  is a website that  offers unique and truly remarkable apartment and villa rental options  (day/week/month)  in Tuscany  (the area of Chianti  and in and around Florence) …  as well as Rome, Venice, Milan, Sardinia and Lake Como.

Some apartments and villas showcased are magnificent and regal …  offering spectacular views and amazing settings  …  Some provide comforts and amenities that are beyond expectations …  Some have the benefit of convenience, location and charm….   And each of them are an nice alternative to booking a hotel room.

With summer semi-officially upon us,  I wanted to share this site with you …

I wish we were headed to Italy this summer …   For the most part we will be here in Miami …  If you (or someone you know)  are wanting to move to  South Florida and the tropics …  and looking to rent or buy here….  contact us any time  305 793-1365  …  Vicki Restivo and  305 632-0164 Alexandra Hechtman  –  EWM Realty International.  e-mail:  [email protected]


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