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Miami Spice Culinary Experience – August and September 2013

Miami Spice  officially kicked off  last night.   From August 1 through September 30,  many of Miami’s top restaurants participate in what locals and visitors look forward to each summer in South Florida … a now-traditional summer dining-event known as “MIAMI SPICE”.

Typically, each participating restaurant offers their own ‘signature’ specials …  for a fixed price …  ‘ THE MIAMI SPICE PRICE’…

Dozens of restaurants showcase their own three-course  meals  (lunch $19 or $23 … dinner $33 or $39) …

It started in an effort to drive business (during the slower summer months), and has evolved into an annual two-month event.

Some of the restaurants have found the promotion worth  continuing even after it’s official ‘end’.

Here’s the link to the participating restaurants…  menus…. and more details on Miami Spice.

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