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Worst Offers Ever

Occasionally we get offers that are barely more than just a waste of time and energy …  real messes.

I’m looking at 2,  right now.

On one,  there are four typos in the property address alone.  On the other, the wrong seller is named as the owner. On both  there are missing pages, missing addendums,  contradictory terms,  timeframes that don’t work …  One doesn’t allow the buyer time to get financing … It’s unsigned, undated…  There is no price…  And on the other, the mortgage terms indicate a 30 year loan with an interest rate  of 60%.   Really?   And the agent says “Oops … sorry …  I’ll text you the price in a minute … I don’t know.”

As massacred and  hodgepodged as these two contracts are,  we will meet with our sellers and go over them.

Offers like these are so easy to reject – especially in today’s real estate market, where multiple offers are the norm …

And, each of these homes are receiving multiple offers.

Buyer’s agents who are hands-on and competent  are the ones who get their clients to the closing table.

I feel so badly for these buyers.  Both families love these homes ….   Neither has any idea they are working with someone so incompetent.

Good listing agents oversee both sides of the transaction.  On either of these, we will do that (and more!).   If our sellers wish to counter, we’ll make alterations, corrections, add what’s missing,  and then re-submit these offers to the buyer’s agents …  We will be ultra hands-on throughout ( the loan application process,  inspections,  insurance, title, survey, appraisal)    to make sure that no one drops the ball … and see to it that each of these actually get to the closing table.

If you’re looking to buy, sell or lease … and need an experienced Realtor to work with … please call us:  The Restivo Hechtman Team at EWM Realty International   Vicki Restivo 305 793-1365 [email protected]   …  Alexandra Hechtman 305 632-0164 [email protected]


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