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The ALLURE of the TOWNHOUSE  –  Miami has some real gems!

For a variety of reasons, villas and townhouses are a plausible answer to ‘what’s next?’ Whether you want to lock-up and take-off for a well-deserved romp around the globe… or  eliminate  entirely the hassle of maintaining a large home ( and grounds!)…  a townhouse offers a freedom, without catapulting you into  quarters of claustrophobically minimal dimensions.  If you want  independence and elbow room …  and a condo is just too confining…the answer COULD BE  a townhouse.   In both Coral Gables & South Miami there are several in the works – some in the development stages (having already broken ground, or about to)…   others ready for occupancy.  They run the whole gamut, with some available for under $500,000.  The cream of the crop may well run from $1.2 million to nearly $2 million.  Some are located in more commercial settings with easy access to shops, dining and transportation… Others are situated in  absolutely charming residential settings.  Elevators, private garages, butler pantries, fireplaces, and a summer kitchens … are among the selling points that many offer.   Many have abundant outdoor space:  terraces, balconies …   and elegant, simplified luxury. It’s a “home”,  without the concerns a “house” might pose. They are NOT in abundance, but there’s a smattering of townhomes  in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, South Miami & Pinecrest… adding a lifestyle option to what was previously limited to single family homes and condos.  

In Coral Gables you have:  Both the Venetian Coral  Gables (in residential Gables), and Old Spanish Village (in the urban center of the Gables)  (have been PUT ON HOLD… and are not currently continuing with construction plans);  Valencia Gardens (which has also halted further expanding of the project and is limited to what has already been built); and  Almeria Row, Casa Valencia, Valencia Grande, Villa Alhambra, Bermuda Village, Riviera Town Villas and Deering Bay (already built) … 

In Coconut Grove you have Cloisters on the Bay  &  Abitare in the Grove…

In Miami, near the University of Miami you have Bridgepoint  …

In South Miami you have Oaklane (almost complete, and with only a handful of units left to sell) and Pine Manors(completed). 

In Pinecrest you have the French Village.  

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