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Green Certified / Energy Star Rated

Green Features 

For the ultimate in healthy living:
Mechanical Air Cleaner/Filter -MERV rating 8 – with a backdraft damper
Eco-friendly “healthy” insulation
All paints, sealants and finishes: low/zero volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
Vented laundry room to regulate air pressure
Outside vented exhaust hood above stove in kitchen
Quality fresh air duct to HVAC unit
HVAC duct register boxes protected and sealed during construction
Integrated pest management*
Carbon Monoxide/Smoke detectors in specified areas

To Better the Environment:
Green Certification by licensed third party inspector
Community use recycling receptables on site
Eco-friendly concrete roof tile
Finished floor elevation is 12 inches above 100 year flood plain
Resource efficient engineered wood material for roof and/or floor
Concrete wih recycled fly ash or furnace slag
Recycled content in siding and soffit materials
Recycled content in drywall
Recycled interior steel studs
Eco-friendly “healthy” flooring
Eco-friendly interior trim (finger jointed)
Grade slopes away from building on all four sides for drainage
Plants & trees are selected as environmentally native, low maintenance foliage
Plants with similar maintenance requirements are grouped together
Non-Cypress mulch is applied 3-4 inches deep around plants & trees to retain soil moisture
All vegetation will be 2 feet from foundation

Conserving Maintenance Expenditures:
Solar Water Heater
High efficiency 14 SEER Air Conditioner
Variable speed air handler with programmable thermostat
Energy efficient appliances
Dishwasher with 4 cycle (three level wash)
Side by side refrigerator
Low flow shower heads in all bathrooms
Low flow dual-flush toilets in all bathrooms
Radiant barrier insulation in attic
Energy efficient insulation in ceilings and exterior walls*
Flourescent light bulbs throughout the home
Recessed, sealed & insulated IC light fixtures
High efficiency bathroom exhause fans with individual timers
HVAC ductwork and joints sealed with mastic compount to lower air leakage
All slab piping penetrations sealed
Proper window and door flashing
Automatic yard irigation system with moisture sensor meeting FGBC guidelines
Rain gutters installed with rain guage for efficient sprinkler usage
Energy efficient outdoor lighting.