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Living Green

 GREEN DESIGNED equates to cost-efficient living,   with your health and well-being being  top priority.

Living GREEN combines features that protect you, your family and the environment.  Eco-friendly materials and allergen-resistant products are used from the roof to the foundation.  Reducing the ecological footprint and providing you and your family a safe and beautiful home, have been carefully thought out.

Certified GREEN, maintenance expenses will be considerably reduced. Your new home will be equiped with some of the latest technological advancements and energy saving devices. From simple, programmable thermostats and energy-efficient water heaters to advanced moisture-sensor irrigation systems and timer-driven exhaust fans, your energy consumption and the associated costs will be substantially lessened.

Embracing a greener lifestyle benefits those around us and reduces expenses. Living GREEN can save you over 40% of the utility costs as compared to homes built using traditional materials. Green building technologies and living options help pave the way for future energy independence, allowing us to share and enjoy this planet for years to come.