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Julia Tuttle – The “Mother of Miami”

Julia Tuttle came down to Florida from Cleveland, Ohio. After her husband passed, she ran the iron foundry which he owned. In 1891, her father passed and left her his land in Florida. She sold the iron foundry business in Ohio and moved to Biscayne Bay, purchasing the James Egan grant of 640 acres where the city of Miami is located today. Julia Tuttle repaired and converted a home into one of the best in the area with a great view of the river and the Bay.

Julia Tuttle tried to get Henry Flagler to extend his railroad to Fort Dallas (Miami) and even offered to divide her real estate if he would.Henry Flagler agreed after much pushing from Mrs. Tuttle. The agreement was that Julia Tuttle would supply Henry Flagler with the land for a hotel and railroad station for free, and splitting what was left of the 640 acres north of the Miami River. On February 15, 1896,construction began on the Royal Palm Hotel, giving birth to the City of Miami.

Julia Tuttle became ill in 1898 with meningitis and passed in September at age 49. She died leaving a rather large amount of debt. Her children sold the remaining land to pay off the debt. Her name was lost for a while as a contributor to the founding of Miami until her name was placed on a causeway over Biscayne Bay (part of I-95). While Julia Tuttle is called the Mother of Miami, Henry Flagler is known as the Father of Miami.

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Coral Gables … The Most Beautiful Town in America?

Last month, an online contest was held, asking readers to vote for their favorite cities in the United States. The City of Coral Gables came in second place in most votes in the Most Beautiful City category. Coral Gables was recently named a finalist for the Most Beautiful Town in America in Rand McNally/USA Today’s Best of the Road contest!

The judging team left New York on June 23 and will end up in Los Angeles on July 15, while visiting the cities that were among the finalists. The judges will be in Coral Gables this Friday, July 1. While they’re here, the judges will see some of the most beautiful and best sights which the Gables has to offer.

Hopefully they’ll see some of the real gems the Gables has to offer- The Venetian Pool, The Biltmore, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Historic Coral Rock Homes, Magnificent waterfront properties, and Old Culter Road (made famous in paintings by Carrosio).

After the judges have traveled across the Country, they will announce the winning town in the Most Beautiful Category on July 22, from New Orleans.

If you would like to join our great City of Coral Gables and are looking for some help, contact the Restivo Team- we would love to help you find your dream home.

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Water Safe Your Baby … Miami Style!

Perfect time for a blogon water-safety  …  from  

We are working with so many families relocating to Miami over the summer months, many of whom have young children.    And with water  literally everywhere you look in South Florida  (swimming pools, canals, lakes, ocean, inter-coastal waterways…)   I can’t even begin to tell you how  important it is to water-safe your babies …    Nike says:  “Just Do It”   ….  And in Miami you can do it …  in under a week!   UM will water-safe your babies in five days … any baby, any age … from 6 months old …  onward and upward… guaranteed. 

Water-Safe Your Baby:  University of Miami  – HURRICANE AQUATICS

There are dozens of fabulous swim programs and water-safe programs for little ones in South Florida, and my number one recommendation is Hurricane Aquatics at the University of Miami.

If you are moving to Miami, and looking for a local real estate agent who can help you with anything / everything under the sun (real estate related or otherwise)  call us …  the Restivo Team at EWM Realtors at 305 793-1365 or contact Vicki and Alexandra at [email protected] .  

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John Collins – The Man Behind Collins Ave on Miami Beach

John Stiles Collins was a farmer from New Jersey who moved to South Florida to grow vegetables . He attempted to grow coconuts and vegetables on the swampy stretch of land between Miami and the ocean – a barrier island which became Miami Beach.

John Collins also became a land developer. The Collins family formed the Miami Beach Improvement Company in 1911, and were the first to record the use of “Miami Beach” and built the Collins bridge across Biscayne Bay from Miami in 1913. The bridge opened as the “longest bridge in the world.”

In 1928, John Collins died at age 90. Collins Ave on Miami Beach was named in his honor.

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Who Was William Brickell?

william brickellWilliam Brickell is co-founder of the city of Miami, along with Julia Tuttle. He moved to South Florida from Cleveland, Ohio in 1871, where his family opened a trading post and post office on the south bank of the Miami River.

William and his family owned large amounts of land from Coconut Grove to the Miami River. Julia Tuttle (the Brickell family’s neighbor) is the one behind getting Henry Flagler to extend his east coast railroad and resort hotels to the area. William Brickell and Julia Tuttle contributed the land which Henry Flagler used to create the Flagler Florida East Coast Railway.

After William Brickell’s death, Mary Brickell (his widow) became one of the city’s prominent real estate developers and managers.

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The Man Behind Coral Gables – George Merrick

Known as the planner and builder of Coral Gables, George Edgar Merrick was a real estate developer, who in the 1920s was behind one of the first planned communities in the george merrickUnited States, Coral Gables.His family moved to Miami from  Massachusets in 1898 when George was 12 and he attended Rollins College in Winter Park. In 1915, George was appointed by the Florida governor as the county commissioner in District 1.

George Merrick and Edward DeVere Burr are behind the vast majority of the road construction projects in Dade County, including US-1 (South Dixie Hwy), Tamiami Trail across the Everglades, Ingraham Hwy ( Old Cutler Road) and many other roads.

 In 1922, Geoge Merrick began carving out a town on 3,000 acres of citrus groves and land covered in pine trees which his father left him, along the lines of the City Beautiful movement. The new town was designed in great detail, featuring urban golf courses, delicate brigdes and wide tree lined roads.

In 1925, Mr. Merrick is credited with the establishment of the University of Miami with a donation of 600 acres of land abd a $5 million pledge. The Solomon G. Merrick building at UM was built in honor of his father.

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Hurricane Season 2011

Starting today, Hurricane Season 2011 is officially in season. The season will run from June 1- November 30. Predictions this year are 12-18 named storms, 6-10 hurricanes and 3-6 major hurricanes. The names for this season are as follows:

  • Arlene 
  • Bret 
  • Cindy 
  • Don 
  • Emily 
  • Franklin 
  • Gert
  • Harvey 
  • Irene 
  • Jose 
  • Katia 
  • Lee 
  • Maria 
  • Nate 
  • Ophelia 
  • Philippe 
  • Rina 
  • Sean 
  • Tammy
  • Vince 
  • Whitney 

Hurricanes are part of the package we get living in South Florida. Fortunately, there is plenty to do in order to prepare- and we have the time to prepare. Stock up on supplies like non-perishable goods, bottled water and pet food. Right before the storm, make sure you fill up on gas, put up the shutters and stock up on last minute necessities. During the storm, stay indoors and monitor the storm. Here’s a complete list of Hurricane Preparedeness advice.

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Old Spanish Village fizzles in $83 Million Foreclosure

Old Spanish Village in Coral Gables,  a $400 million dollar development project which was slated to include 195 townhomes, condo units, row houses, along with an office tower and hotel,  fizzled before it got off the ground.   The Wall Street Journal reports that  FirstBank Puerto Rico which held  the $60.1  million mortgage for the Mas Family and Ponce Circle  (the site’s developers)  seized the project in foreclosure after an $83 million dollar foreclosure action.  

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Matheson Hammock: Miami’s Waterfront Park in Coral Gables

There is a  waterfront park in Coral Gables,  accessible from 9610 Old Cutler Road,  and adjacent to Fairchild Gardens, that  transforms at sunset from “lifeguarded swim cove and seaside playground” into a balmy sunset experience. It’s a sweet Miami secret… and as your Miami Realtors we will have many more to share with you!  Read the rest of this entry »

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New Parking System in Downtown Coral Gables

Parking just got a little easier in Downtown Coral Gables. The City has installed solar powered machines which accept cash (coins and bills) as well as credit cards and a pay-by-phone option. You will select your time and upon payment, a ticket will be printed-which is to be placed on your vehicle’s dashboard. The new sytstem is part of the effort to make Coral Gables a consumer friendly area with alternative parking options.

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