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Optimist, Pessimist, Realist … or Opportunist?

I love this particular quote, and would absolutely love to know who spoke  it: 

“Dear Optimist, Pessimist and Realist  – 

While you guys were busy arguing over the right price for the house, I bought it.  

Sincerely yours, 

The Opportunist”

The  battle these days centers aroung  home values … where they are … and who has their finger on the pulse.  Bottom line ?    The people getting deals … they are the opportunists.  

This current real estate market is one for opportunists  …  both buyers and sellers …  Contact the Restivo Team  at EWM Realtors if you’d like to take advantage of the market.  305 793-1365 – direct line.   – Or you’re welcome to send us a note here:  [email protected]   We are local real estate professionals and we not only know the Miami real estate market, but we can help you make the most of it.

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SOLD 3 Homes on ONE BLOCK … 3 Wonderful Families … 16601 SW 78 Ct … NOW LISTED FOR SALE!

We sold homes to 3 WONDERFUL families on this  BEAUTIFUL  tree-lined block in Palmetto Bay.

And we just listed a LOVELY HOME FOR SALE there … and hope  it’s exactly what you’ve been hoping might come on the market!  This is a tropical Miami home with Mediterranean elegance … priced well… and ready to move-in!


It happens to be on one of our favorite streets in north Palmetto Bay …   a great neighborhood …  a really good place to raise a family.

16601 SW 78 Ct  is  on a quiet street with very little traffic …  and with a lush tree canopy  … The house has a circular paved drive …  is on a corner lot  …  in an area of North Palmetto Bay known for it’s top rated schools. Read the rest of this entry »

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South American Companies Again Looking to Relocate to Miami

Patrick O’Connell, in charge of Corporate Relocation for EWM Realtors,  indicates there’s a significant rise in relocations into Miami.

South American Companies are again looking to relocate to Miami.   That’s good news for those selling condos as well as single family homes …  and beneficial as well to investors who need to lease there investments to stable, solid tenants.

If you are considering buying, selling, relocating, investing or renting out property you currently own … we would love the opportunity to assist you!   [email protected]   You’re welcome to call anytime:  Our direct numbers are 305 793-1365   and    305 632-0164   Vicki and Alexandra Restivo EWM Realtors.

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Pinecrest Homes SOLD IN 2011 … SELLING AGAIN NOW!

Homes in Pinecrest that  SOLD in 2011  are SELLING AGAIN now. 

If bought a home at the height of the market, and think you can’t sell it again now, this may give you a broader perspective:

12800 SW 80 Ave               7/29/11    $710,000           $999,000

8145 SW 133 St                     6/15/11     $475,000           $789,000

12800 SW 80 Av                  4/15/11     $299,000           $445,000    

Each of these three homes closed within the past year, and are each again listed actively for sale at a higher price than their most recent sales price.   The owners have updated/renovated/staged …. and are reselling them. 

In Pinecrest there are currently 35 homes under contract.

If you are considering selling, we would love to talk with you about listing yours, because we have sold all our inventory…   and we need more listings!  We know the real estate market,  the South Florida neighborhoods, and are top real estate experts specializing  in Pinecrest, Coral Gables and Miami.  The Restivo Team at EWM Realtors  305 793-1365.  Contact us by phone or email ([email protected]).


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One of the reasons you subscribe to and read  our real estate blog  is for information… insight  … and opportunities like this one ( a  STEAL!):

7900 SW 132 Street in Pinecrest Florida just came on the market, listed for $475,000.  

It beats any other listing I’ve come across in recent months … for value… price… It’s an absolute  gem of an opportunity.   It’s a three bedroom home, updated BEAUTIFULLY  by owners who had absolutely no intention of leaving or moving … but who  now happen to find themselves  relocating unexpectedly.   The house has everything:  New aluminum roof, exquisite kitchen, hardwood floors,  new windows … charming street … curb appeal… one car garage … light, bright and welcoming … and beautifully maintained…. and a price tag that makes it a steal!

I have no doubt but that it will go very fast.  It is listed by Carrie Foote through  Lowell International Realty…. and I would love to show it to you …  if you want an incredible move-in ready home  (at an unheard of price!).  Feel free to contact Vicki or Alexandra Restivo on either of our direct numbers 305 793-1365  or 305 632-0164 …   The Restivo Team at EWM Realtors will be  more than happy to arrange to show it to you.  At this price. this home will get scooped up at warp speed.  I have NO doubts about that, whatsoever.   It’s fabulous!

Vicki Restivo, Realtor … Our Real Estate Website and Blog:    Direct line:  305 793-1365  EWM Realtors   … [email protected]   ….   Emails went out last night to all  our buyers whose criteria would indicate that this house might be the RIGHT one …  Please let us know your specific criteria for a home, and we will  update you  as well … with new listings as they come on the market.

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Coconut Grove Home to be Auctioned December 17th – ON SITE

 This  Grove home at 3659 Bayview Road will be auctioned off – on site – at 11am  on Saturday, December 17, 2011 …   Whether you are looking to buy or sell, or are just interested in stopping by to see what’s going on, this may well prove to be a rather entertaining day in Coconut Grove!   Unlike in other parts of our country, there have been relatively few homes auctioned off, on site, in Coconut Grove.

Currently the home is  listed in the MLS for $869,000.00   According to all indications, the house  will go to the top bidder who comes in at/or above $790,000.00  –  There will be a 10% buyers premium  added …   and the MLS does stipulate that the top bidder needs to be prepared to sign a contract on the spot …  and that it be an as-iscash only sale…  It does allow for 3% commission to any selling agent.  Read the rest of this entry »

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When is the RIGHT Time to Sell?

I just got off the phone  – I’ve had a number of similar inquiries recently, from homeowners asking if now a good time to list (and sell)  … or  whether they should wait until after the first of the year.

That question about  ‘When to move’ is certainly a personal one.  Spending the holidays in the home you’re in now …  or starting NEW  holiday tradition elsewhere …   it’s not an easy decision. 

That said,  what I can say is that the majority of homeowners who ARE selling now tend to be serious sellers (given the current real estate environment).  And… most of properties listed for sale right now (whether they are condos or single family homes)  that are priced-well  do tend to sell  quickly.   It is a good time to be a buyer…. especially if you can recognize the good deals when they come around …  and are in a position to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.   

Now through Thanksgiving, and then again starting January 1st, are Read the rest of this entry »

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Miami Beach Condo For Sale – Price Reduced

This one bedroom, 2 bath unit features an ocean and pool view, and has been updated beautifully. The condo features limestone floors, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances…an absolute gem. Price has been reduced to $399,000. The unit is located at 2625 Collins Ave in Oceanfront Plaza on Miami Beach. Contact the Restivo Team today for a private showing.

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Restivo Team Sells Five Units in The Townhomes at Oak Lane

After almost two years, our warmest congratulations goes out to one of our buyers who just recently closed on 5 units in Oak Lane! The townhouses are located on Red Road and SW 74 St in South Miami.

From the start, the Restivo Team helped negotiate with the developer and sat down with the architects and interior designers in an effort to help our client with his wants and needs.

The buyer who was looking for 4 bedrooms, gated community and close to the University of Miami. After taking him to look at many different options, he decided Oak Lane was a possibility, even though there are no more than 3 bedrooms available. He decided he wanted to combine 2 units and make one larger unit. 

The Restivo Team was there from the beginning and throughout the whole process, through closing. We spoke with the architects and the developers to get the process moving, finished and closed.

If you would like to buy or sell, please contact the Restivo Team.

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Coconut Grove Real Estate … Now You See It … Now You Don’t

Why some properties languor on the market for months, and others are under contract literally within days of being listed is a mystery to many. 

4161 Raynolds balcony 

There are so many variables.  In part, it boils down to  location and perceived value.   The calibre of  home,  accuracy of  pricing, marketing finesse, curb appeal, availability to access and show the home, and expertise of the listing agent  … all of that factors in.  

 4161 Raynolds family room

There have been dozens of properties in the Gables and in Coconut Grove listed,  over the span of the past couple of weeks.   Read the rest of this entry »

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