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The Underline – Reinventing Miami’s Outdoor Space

jcfo_underline_00-typical_proposed-dayHave you heard about the Underline? It’s a fabulous new project that will redevelop a 10-mile path along the MetroRail from Dadeland to Brickell. The plan is to redesign the space underneath the MetroRail and make it into a linear park with an urban trail. The Underline is especially meant to connect communities with a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly way of getting around, while making the park into usable spaces for everyone. The idea is to add exercise equipment, native vegetation, bike kiosks, pop-up shops, playgrounds and art. There are also plans to improve all the stations and intersections along the MetroRail.

jcfo_underline_04-brickell-hammock-trail_proposedFounded by Meg Daly, this project is not only going to improve the space underneath the MetroRail, but it will also have great economic impact in the surrounding areas. There will be new development along the corridor, creating new jobs and real estate appreciation. Their studies indicate up to 25% increase in the value of properties adjacent to the corridor and up to a 5% increase in property values up to 1/3 a mile away.

The Master Plan was designed by New York’s James Corner Field Operations, and the University of Miami School of Architecture Studies – under the Dean of the University of Miami’s School of Architecture,  Rodolphe el Khoury – received valuable input from student and faculty resources. Professor Rocco Ceo led a class of 10 students to create a concept design for park space, trail and intersection improvements.

Tjcfo_underline_08-university-rain-garden_proposedhe Master Plan is fully funded, while construction funding is up to $5 million. The rest of the funding will come from public and private donations, while the trail and intersection improvements will be funded by private sources. The Friends of the Underline is a non-profit organization responsible for getting this project going and seeing it through to it’s completion. Similar projects have taken about 10 years to complete, so the Underline could take that long to complete. If you would like to help with ideas or donations, you can do so by joining the Friends of the Underline.

Thank you to Friends of the Underline for sharing their images, renderings and statistics with the Restivo Hechtman Team. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this wonderful project will have on the community.





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I woke up up this morning wanting to go back to the restaurant we ate at last night.  EATING HERE IS JUST LIKE BEING IN ITALY!


The chef is brilliant. The pastry chef is an cullinary artist.  Both of them, as well as the owner, Carlo Sargenti, are from Rome.

271 Miracle Mile Coral Gables

Roma Eat … 271 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables

The name of this delightful new Gables restaurant is Roma Eat … There’s no sign out front (yet)…  271 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables …. It opened a couple of days ago … and I think it’s going to be the neighborhood restaurant many of us have been waiting and hoping for … the kind of neighborhood place we’ve wanted to find in Miami:  with  atmosphere and a fun vibe … Italian music… and fresh, authentic, exquisitely devine homemade ITALIAN CUISINE…


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Four Fillies House Available for Lease – 5 bedroom/5 bath for $5,900 in Pinecrest

There’s a shortage of  homes for lease  in Smathers Four Fillies …  and  … good news if you’re  looking to rent:   We just listed one!   Four Fillies in Pinecrest  is a fabulous place for incoming UM faculty  to live – with 32 acres of bucolic grounds, hammocks, walking trails, orchards, fields and tropical paradise surrounding you … all within  gated Four Fillies …  in Pinecrest with the public schools being among Pinecrest’s finest: Pinecrest Elementary, Palmetto Middle, and Palmetto Senior.   The community is deed restricted (even as rental property)  to UM faculty, and medical and research associates and doctors and faculty at U-Health and Jackson Memorial.

Our new listing is a  magnificent 5 bedroom home in Four Fillies …  $5,900 a month … entitling the resident to  use of all of the grounds, along with the community pool, clubhouse, gym, tennis court,  playground facilities.  Read the rest of this entry »

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New on the Market … Four Fillies Home For Sale

11370 Smathers CircleThe Restivo Team just listed a Breakstone-built, environmentally green home in Smathers Four Fillies Farm in Pinecrest. The 2 story Pinecrest home features 4 bedrooms and 4 ensuite baths and was built in 2007. The Gated Community features over 30 acres of property, brimming  with mango, avocado and lychee trees.  The bucolic, serene surroundings are maintained by Fairchild Tropical Gardens, nestled between Red Road and Old Cutler, near Pinecrest Gardens.

11370 Smathers Circle is listed for sale at $1.1   (or available for lease @ $5,200 a month). Contact the Restivo Team today to be part of this fabulous University of Miami Community… Gated  community with tennis court, swimming pool, playground… in the heart of Pinecrest .

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Venetian Coral Gables Villas – Miami Offers a Glimpse of European Elegance in the heart of Coral Gables

venetian coral gablesThe Venetian Coral Gables is a project that was intentionally put on the back-burner when real estate slowed-down in Miami. 

The developer/builder opted to weather-out the downturn, rather than accept reservations on the Venetian Coral Gables. He  postponed the start of construction, opting to wait for the real estate market to bottom out.  I think it was wise to wait.  The idea was to have the Venetian be very high-end … with every upgrade and amenity possible.  Starting constuction as the domestic real estate market was feeling the pinch, seemed unwise. 

So many of the construction projects that were slated to be built in Miami  a couple of years back were ditched… or forced into using lower end finishes …  They sat empty…  or teetered on or fell into either foreclosure or short sale.    Read the rest of this entry »

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Home Trends for 2010 in South Florida – What Miami Buyers Expect



Despite a general consensus (at least throughout much of America) that bigger is better, I am finding that home-buyers who are buying  property in South Florida are actually leaning toward less space, cozier environments… more charm.

 What I’m finding that buyers ARE looking for is :

1) An extension to their indoor space … The overwhelming majority of buyers here in South Florida want utilizable, covered, outdoor living areas that are well-defined and elegantly pulled together.  They are looking for clean lines, and comfortably appointed outdoor sitting areas, with splashes of color, greenery… in other words, a blatant declaration that they are now living in the tropics. Since many are exchanging snow shovels for sunscreen and flip-flops, they are looking forward to residing somewhere with 365 days of sunshine (interspersed with occasional/ frequent  rain showers that allow Florida to stay GREEN)…. and wanting to revel in that outdoor life.   Buyers relocating to South Florida want functionally-elegant outdoor space.   They expect covered patios, pergolas, chickee huts, porches, over-sized umbrellas, retractable awnings … All of these lend themselves to SELLING A HOUSE.  Outdoor spaces resonate big-time with these buyers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Green Task Force Now in Coral Gables

On July 13, the City of Coral Gables approved an 11 member Green Task Force. The Task Force will advise City officials on matters that support sustainability and will make recommendations on the environmental sustainability of City services, programs, facilities and equipment. They will also help develop a plan to increase environmental awareness. green

The group will promote the practice of green development, recycling, energy efficiency, water and energy conservation, green transportation alternatives, waste reduction and building design issues, among other things. The task force will be made up of 11 member, all Gables residents-including a historic preservationist, a landscape architect, a planner, an engineer, an architect, a member of the University of Miami, a member of the Coral Gables Chamber and another member from the Garden Club.

The Green Task Force will be effective October 1, 2010.

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Working Towards Sustainability : Every Little Thing Makes A Difference

Here are some easy ways to make a difference…

When you get coffee to go, B.Y.O.M. (bring your own mug). If we all used one less paper cup a week, we could save thousands of trees per year and much less would be dumped into landfills.

Boil water with a lid on the pan. It will boil up to 75% faster and will save energy because the heat won’t escape.

Run a full dishwasher rather than washing dishes by hand. It saves energy because hand washing can use as much as 26 gallons of water for 12 place settings, while a good dishwasher will use 4 gallons of water.

sustainabilityFilling your freezer makes it more energy efficient. You can store water in jugs and containers instead of food items.

Store and label leftover items with today’s date. This reduces the chance of it being thrown in the trash.

Computers, TCs and DVD players use stand-by power even when you think they’re off. Unplug them and save up to 10% on your electric bill. You could also plug a lot of items into one power strip and shut the power strip down.

About 70% of municipal waste comes from homes and accounts for almost 4% of the Earth’s greenhouse gases. Sorting out recyclables in the kitchen makes it easy to recycle paper, aluminum, glass and plastics.

The curtains in your home make a difference. Switch them out durinf the summer and winter months. In the summer, white curtains reflect heat, while dark heave curtains in the winter help warm rooms and allow you to lower the thermostat. For every degree you adjust the thermostat, you can save 3-5% on your energy bill (and reduce carbon emissions).

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Canyon Ranch Spa & Resort – Miami Beach Knows How

Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa: 

Pamper yourself by staying at Canyon Ranch as a guest …  or buy or lease a condo  WITH  FULL SPA/RESORT MEMBERSHIP  … INCLUDED!  Live in style!

Canyon Ranch Grill

Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa is ranked among the world’s finest spa destination resorts.   Right on Miami Beach, it overlooks the oceanfront stretch of sand and sea known as Millionaire’s Row. Miami’s pristine white, sandy shoreline and crystaline water are at your doorstep… and you have the intoxicating luxury of everything this world reknown spa offers, at your fingertips.  Read the rest of this entry »

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summer breeze in miami


As the summer heats up in Sunny South Florida,  a handful of TIPS can help save energy and money:


1) Open Up – Anytime we get a break from the tropical humidity and sweltering summer temperatures that can reach the high 90’s,  open  doors & windows & let fresh air circulate.  Fans will create a cross-breeze.  Open kitchen cabinets at night so they don’t store heat.

2) Alternate – As temperatures and humidity climb, close the windows and doors to you home.  Shuting the blinds and drapes will block out  sun.  Enter and exit quickly … and quickly close the doors behind you. Read the rest of this entry »

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