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VILLA PARADISO | PISA LUXURY HOMES.    The possibilities are endless …   but I think this particular location would make for a unrivaled spot for a U.S. University study abroad program, holistic SPA,  corporate headquarters for an international corporation or entity …  or an amazing corporate retreat  !!!   I could easily  envision it as a University setting for one of the top  U.S. study abroad programs like those that Stanford University and FSU host in Florence.   It could easily lend itself to being an exceptionally  high-end resort-hotel  or discrete corporate headquarters for an international entity wanting a presence in Tuscany.

Magnificently restored,  this is an historic Italian villa that literally and figuratively sits  on a hilltop in rural Tuscany, Italy.   From the upper loggia there is literally a 365 degree view of the countryside ….  Your eye wanders from the olive groves, orchards and vineyards … to the quaint Tuscan towns and villages between Florence and Pisa.

Inside, on each of the three and 1/2 levels you have  resplendent frescoed ceilings and muraled walls, some of them painstakingly restored …  others in a more original state of magnificence.  There’s a cypress lined road that leads you  from the gated entrance of the property to the villa itself.  And on the grounds of the villa there’s a pool,  hedged rose gardens, a separate ‘garage’ and work room ,  and a private chapel.

Inside the villa, on each of the main floors, the design and floorplan is that of the period in which it was built … There’s  a single central great room that  occupies the center core of the villa on each and every floor ….   from which doors lead into  adjoining quarters, common areas, hallways and stairwell and sleeping quarters…  The main living areas (great rooms) are the core of the villa and form the hub of the home…. spilling out and beyond it’s doors to multiple kitchens, dining rooms and guest quarters, libraries, and sitting areas.

The grounds, pool, gardens and guest rooms and shear beauty of the villa really lend themselves to the image of an astonishingly perfect  SPA or hotel destination … or corporate headquarters/retreat…. or wedding venue.  It’s now owned privately …  but has all the potential to be a space enjoyed by an elite handful.

This remarkable piece of history …  this awe inspiring villa located in Usigliano di Lari …  is listed for sale by Vicki and Alexandra Restivo of EWM Realtors, International.   Because of it’s unique historical designation, and truly magnificently frescoed walls and ceilings, as well as it’s architectural design, Villa Paradiso is overseen and protected  by the Belle Arte… which means it’s historically designated.

I think it’s just one of those rare and unique opportunities to own your own piece of Italy … This palacial ITALIAN VILLA in Tuscany … really is  a masterpiece of  art and architecture … and history.

Villa Paradiso in Usigliano di Lari …  on a hillside between Florence and Pisa… with 360 degree views of the Tuscan countryside.    [email protected]  305 793-1365. The Restivo Team …


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House Hunters International … CASTING NOTICE

House Hunters International is casting  …  searching for buyers or renters moving abroad.

They are looking for an upbeat, enthusiastic, effervescent, outgoing family/invididual/couple  who is in the process of relocating from one country  to an entirely different location  (neither of which can include the United States or Canada).    The buyer or tenant must be fluent in English for this casting.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in having your story documented and aired on House Hunters International Read the rest of this entry »

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Coral Gables Waterway Usage and Bridge Clearances for Powerboats

Waterfront property sells at a premium, especially property that comes with dock space, and/or  direct access to open water.  Many of the canals and waterways in Miami open to the bay and ocean.  Some are free of brigdes …  Others have fixed bridges  of varying heights that allow the passage of vessels ranging in size from 20 ft to 40 ft .  Bridge clearances themselves vary from 7′ to 18′.

Bridge Clearances (*Elevation at M.L.W.):

Alhambra Circle               9.5′

Bird Road                          10′

Blue Road (East)             11′

Blue Road (West)            10′

Cocoplum Blvd.              12′

Granada Blvd                   10′

Granada                            18′

Hardee Road                   18′

Isla Dorarda Blvd           21′

Le Jeune Road                 12′

Lugo Ave                           10′

Matheson Hammock/Hammock Oaks  16′

Maynada                           18′

Old Cutler Road             13′

Pisano Avenue                7′

Ponce de Leon Blvd    10′

Prado Blvd                       7′

US1 / South Dixie Hwy   10′

Power boats that are equipped with  t-tops or arches that have folding mechanizms  enable  many large vessells to navigate through the Gables Waterways and access the open water – even given that there are bridges of varying clearance heights  (7′-18′).

Examples of vessels with folding t-tops that dock along the Gables Waterways and have access to the open water via 10′ and higher bridges: 32-40′ Intrepids , 35′ MarLago, 35′ Contender, 30′ Boston Whaler, 27 ‘ Donzi.

*Source: Map of Coral Gables, Florida

If you are wanting to buy or sell waterfront property and need an experienced real estate expert in the Coral Gables area to help you with either, we would be pleased to arrange a buyer or seller consultation with you at your convenience.   You’re welcome to contact us here, call anytime  on our direct line  305 793-1365 or drop us a note at [email protected] .

Vicki and Alexandra Restivo  –  EWM Realtors … Luxury Marketing Specialists


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Private Island For Sale in the Florida Keys

Who hasn’t dreamed of owning their own island? Now you can, and it’s in our backyard. East Sister Rock Island is up for sale in the Florida Keys. The 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is situated on 1.4 acres and about a quarter mile off the coast of Marathon in the Keys. It boasts over 5000 sq ft of living area, with about 2700 sq ft of veranda, helicopter pad, a pool and two docks.

The island, reachable only by boat or helicopter, is nestled amongst a coral reef, making it great for water sports and snorkeling and fishing. It’s located about 2 hours from Miami and about 45 minutes from Key West. The house has 19 sliding glass doors and also features a veranda which wraps around the entire house, providing views all the way around.

Klaus Meckler built the island by digging a moat from the coral rock and making a plateau that rises 15 feet. The house was concrete poured and rests on 75 pilings drilled into the coral rock. The current owners – the Willifords – who bought the island in 1995 from Meckler, made the island green by installing a wind turbine and solar panels. Water is taken from rainwater that is filtered and stored for use.

Imagine watching the sun rise from the veranda, snorkeling and fishing all day and winding down with a glass of wine and watching the sun set from the hammocks nestled among the trees. I have stayed here, and let me just say…it’s worth the hype!

The estate is listed for $12 million and available now. It is one of 9 private islands in the Keys.

Contact the Restivo Team to own your own piece of paradise.


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Villa in Tuscany … Italy… For Sale through the Restivo Team


Breathtaking …  magnificent …  historic …   Villa Paradiso in Tuscany … Private  and secluded  …  built in the 1700’s …. located in the heart of Toscana, Italy … between Florence and Pisa … This superb Villa is strategically positioned – with spectacular views of the Tuscan countryside, rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves, and wooded areas.  There are numerous terraces and patios each overlooking breathtaking scenery … and there’s a  rooftop loggia that offers a 360 degree panorama and views of the  leaning tower of Pisa off to one side.

Century-old cypress trees lead from the gated entrace to the one hectar property and up to Villa Paradiso.  The property is secluded , regal and private.  Inside the Villa are three levels  (along with an attic that is actually a huge expanse of loft space that includes a great room and eight additional rooms). 

Many of the main interior walls  throughout  the villa were magnificently afrescoed during the 1700’s  …  as were many of the ceilings …  And some of the frescoes were painted by Ademollo (Ademollo is the Italian artist reknowned for having adorned the walls of the Ducal Palace in Lucca as well as the Royal Palace in Pisa  with frescoes in the 18th Century).   

Villa Paradiso was passionately restored by it’s current owners… who fell in love with the property and it’s location.  It’s been renovated and meticulously maintained  by them.

Inside the villa are a number of arched entrances… along with terracotta and stone flooring.    Grandiose stairwells from the ground floor lead to the upper levels …  On the ground floor are the main kitchen and fireplace, the living room, dining room and a chapel  … along with an entirely independent section that consist of one bedroom and a bath, another kitchen and another dining area.

Soaring high ceilings portray dramatic frescoed scenes… giving the villa a rich warmth … as well as  significant historical value …   Impecably maintained it has a welcoming and pristine aura.  Villa Paradiso is stunning … replete with manicured grounds,  a stone pond,  decorative fountains.

There are  five bedrooms  on the second floor, along with two additional rooms (for use as studies/offices/or additional bedrooms) …  and 3 baths.    The  central upstairs hall has stunning frescoes (The downstairs does as well) … and the  magnificence of the painting is reminiscent of that of the Sistine Chapel… impecably well preserved and maintained….  There are expansive terraces on the second level, and a fabulous living room … with  endless views of the grounds.

Upstairs on the third level  are more than half a dozen additional rooms  …  each of which can be  interchangeable as bedrooms, sitting rooms,  offices and guest quarters.  Unique and utterly magnificent …

There is a spectacular rooftop  loggia with 360 panoramic views…   Villa is being sold (for the most part) furnished for 7 Million Euros …  Located 35 km from Pisa (and 33 km from the airport) … 77 km from Florence … and 30 km from the Tyrrenian Sea … in an antique, historic hamlet (village)  in Tuscany. 


12 (plus) bedrooms

10 baths

1229 square meters

And the grounds consist of approximately one hectar

Contact the Restivo Team at EWM Realtors for additional information.    Property is listed for sale at 7 million euros … furnished… and available anytime.   [email protected]   305 793-1365.   

No expense and no detail was spared in the restoration and preservation of the magnificent Villa Paradiso, located in the hills of Tuscany in Usigliano. 

For additional information please contact the Restivo Team here or on our direct lines 305 793-1365  or 305 632-0164 


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South Florida Lures a Diversity of People … Would You Buy … Sight Unseen?

I moved to Miami from New York City over two decades ago.   Homes weren’t listed or available on the Internet back then.  You had to physically go to see each one … in person.   I think I visited about a hundred before narrowing it down, and buying.

We just rented out a beachfront condo to clients who were referred to us :  Two  young executives … a couple…  relocating from Texas … to Miami.   They’re driving across country …  arriving a day before starting their new jobs.  They haven’t seen their condo (other than online) … and they won’t … until they get here.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Italian Estate For Sale

We just listed a great home … Villa Paradiso, in Tuscany, Italy- between Florence and Pisa. The home features 12+ bedrooms and 10 baths sitting on an almost 2.5 acre lot. There are 360 degree views of the Tuscan hills, vineyards, olive groves and even the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Among the 13,228 square feet are beautiful affrescos on walls and ceilings, painted by Ademollo. The Villa was built in the 1600s and has been given a historical designation by the “Belle Arte” in Italy. It has been restored and is absolutely stunning with gardens and a beautiful pool. Contact the Restivo Team for more information.

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Advice for Home Sellers: Two opportunities to grab a buyer!

How does a BUYER choose  YOUR PROPERTY?  How do they decide YOURS  is  right   for them?

It can happen in the  blink of an eye… in literally seconds …  

Your first opportunity to make a sale is online … with your photos and marketing…. so make the photos captivating .  Keep them scrolling through your listing rather clicking to another property.

Your second opportunity is  the when your potential BUYER  sees or actually enters the property.

IF your place has anything in the way of a view:   Whether it’s those online photos, or that fist impact as the buyer initially steps foot inside   …  capitalize on the view … DON’T HAVE THEM WALK INTO A BLOCKED VIEW!   

Choose photos that will entice  buyers  to linger on online (on YOUR listings) for long enough to ‘get interested’.   (Blurry shots and dark or miniscule photos  deter buyers – and  buyer’s agents!)

I showed a slew of  luxury ocean-front condos on Miami Beach to buyers this past weekend.  And  the #1 resounding mistake  I noted were just how many were ‘caves’ … with blinds that were closed tight … and lights that were off … and shutters that were sealed tight.   

If your prime selling point is the view, keeping the drapes closed or the windows shuttered is a mistake!  If there’s a water view, that’s worth showing off!   Most people looking for waterfront property want to see the view  …   Read the rest of this entry »

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$53 Million Sale – Silicon Valley Estate Now the Highest Sale in Atherton, California

An 12 acre-estate in Silicon Valley, California,  that was previously owned by a relative of  denim mogul, Levi Straus … just closed…  selling for $53 million – to an undisclosed buyer.  

The property was listed back in April by Alain Pinel Realtors, and so far this year, this is the highest priced closed sale  in Atherton, California.  Link here to view the property photos.

The Tudor-style estate sold – 11% below list price –  within just a few months of going on the market.    According to the Wall Street Journal the previous sellers owned the estate for nearly a century…  using it primarily as their summer retreat.

Some day perhaps,  Miami too will have century-old-homes with pricetags that rival that.  In the meantime,  wherever it is that you are looking to buy,  sell  or relocate to,  Alexandra and Vicki Restivo of EWM Realtors International will be pleased to  assist you,  and refer you to other top realtors in most parts of the world … as part of  the relocation services The Restivo Team offers.   Call us at 305 793-1365 or contact us through our real estate website and blog  by sending us a note here.

The Restivo Team  [email protected]

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Miami Beach Condo For Sale – Price Reduced

This one bedroom, 2 bath unit features an ocean and pool view, and has been updated beautifully. The condo features limestone floors, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances…an absolute gem. Price has been reduced to $399,000. The unit is located at 2625 Collins Ave in Oceanfront Plaza on Miami Beach. Contact the Restivo Team today for a private showing.

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