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Grove Hill Condo For Sale in Coconut Grove

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Christie’s names 3 top cities attracting globally affluent buyers

Miami – along with New York and London – are “three of the most vibrant world cities currently attracting the globally affluent buyer”  according to Bonnie Stone Sellers, CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate, in Christie’s annual research report Luxury Defined.

As the exclusive affiliates of Christie’s in Miami,  EWM Realty International will be pleased to provide you with market insights, and expertise whether you are buying or selling.

“Buyers continue to view London, New York and Miami as strong markets to invest in and great places to live.  All three cities are unusual in offering what luxury buyers are looking for: economic stability, ease of doing business, transportation options, cultural and lifestyle services, and attractions that make them desirable places to buy homes.”

If you are considering buying a home or condo in Miami, we at the Restivo-Hechtman Group at EWM Realty International will be pleased to work with you.   305 793-1365  [email protected]





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Miami Real Estate Market Overview & Projection 2014

“The median price of a single-family home in Miami-Dade increased 19% during 2013, while the median price of a condo in Miami-Dade increased 12%.  We have had double-digit annual median price increases for over 24 months for both single-family homes and condos in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties.  With the increasing inventories and new construction underway, median price increases will likely temper back in 2014 to single-digit levels.  With the large numbers of new condos being offered at pre-construction (primarily in Miami-Dade), the number of available units will be increasing fairly rapidly over the next 24 months; therefore we will be keeping a close watch on the number of newly constructed units, as well”  Managing Broker of EWM Realty International, Ron Shufffield  indicates in his “Focus on 2014 South Florida Market Report”.

Great time to buy or sell …  Call us today, but don’t wait.  Restivo/Hechtman Team at EWM Realty Int’l  305 793-1365  … 305 632-0164

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Lourdes Ruiz Toledo – Miami Caterer – Fills Our Home With Flavor

At a broker’s open house on E-Lake … I won a catered four-course / five-hour extravaganza …   that Lourdes Ruiz Toledo of Pamper Me Foods orchestrated and catered  at our house


Lourdes has no website … yet … but her food is amazing… so she’s now in my little black book.

I met her while Alexandra and I were previewing homes for our clients  … one of which was 13611 SW 97 Avenue …  $2,075,000 waterfront property listed for sale by Margie Shanti and Liede DeValdivielso of Coldwell Banker. Lourdes catered their broker’s open that day –  serving ‘bites’  in elegant plastic stemmed glasses  …

She had similar presentations the evening she catered dinner at our house …  Two of the courses were served in mimosa glasses and champagne flutes.  Her creations each came with a story …  about her travels, what inspired each dish,  the people, places , and exotic ingredients  (and enough description to make me hope I could duplicate them).   Her stories and presentations were lovely. 

She is worth recommending : Pamper Me Foods … [email protected]  305 300-3549

I know she  hosts  girls nights out … kids cooking classes …  elegant dinner parties … cocktail receptions …

And… if you,  or someone you know,  are looking find a new home  to entertain in  …  please call me.  Alexandra and I would love to help make that happen … There are so  many wonderful homes on the market right now in Miami.  305 793-1365  Vicki Restivo [email protected]  … 305 632-0164 Alexandra Hechtman  [email protected]  Restivo/Hechtman  … Mother/Daughter Team at EWM Realty International.

We invite you to visit our website and Miami real estate blog:




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Coconut Grove Project Includes Waterfront Restaurants and Pedestrian Promenade

The Miami Herald reported November 5th that Coconut Grove is soon slated to have 3 snazzy new waterfront eateries (with soaring glass walls and views of Biscayne Bay …  in glass and steel bay front structures designed by Arquitectonica).  There are plans to create an pedestrian promenade as well as a new park…. turning the Grove into something Miami desperately needs:  waterfront land that the public can access and enjoy.

The Grove Bay Investment Group is apparently ready to sign a 50 year lease  with the city for the site just north of Miami City Hall all along the water, paying a minimum of $1.4 million a year for that …  and spending an additional $18 million to refurbish the marina,  add three new waterfront eateries, and create a pedestrian promenade extending from South Bayshore Drive all the way up to the new public pier over Biscayne Bay.  This, combined with creating a 3 story parking garage with retail shopping at ground level, and green open spaces for the public to enjoy, will transform the Grove and the historic village bay front. Read the rest of this entry »

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Miami … “Playground for the Rich and Famous”

While the rest of the world is bundled up, stuck indoors, shivering, shovelling snow,  South Florida is enjoying t-shirt weather, deep sea fishing, golf, sailing, tennis … and this time of year is still prime outdoor cafe weather.  The Miami lifestyle is yours if you want it … We specialize in South Florida Real Estate, and we look forward to helping  you make Miami your home.   Call us today …  Alexandra Hechtman 305 632-0164 and Vicki Restivo 305 793-1365 …. The Restivo Hechtman Team at EWM Realty Int’l   [email protected]

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Bidding Wars are BACK … How To Win The Bidding War

Bidding wars are back … and with property in Miami becoming scarce,  bidding wars can be tough to win.

There’s not much inventory to choose from,  and buyers  are finding themselves competing against one other  for the good stuff …

Offering full list price isn’t necessarily enough  …

photo - wynns

More often than not,  I find that personal connections tend to sway decisions.   If you want the house be personable, and take whatever steps you can to connect with the seller.

We asked this family to write a note, that we’d submit along with their offer … and we asked that they Read the rest of this entry »

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Government Shutdown Ends

After a 16 day federal government shutdown (which caused National Parks to close, passports not be issued, and real estate closings to be postponed … to name but a few of the repercussions) as of  late last night the shutdown is apparently over. 

The National Association of Realtors reported today that yesterday’s resolution calls for funding  government operations through January 15, 2014  and  it raises the debt ceiling to a projected date of  February 7, 2014.

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Worst Offers Ever

Occasionally we get offers that are barely more than just a waste of time and energy …  real messes.

I’m looking at 2,  right now.

On one,  there are four typos in the property address alone.  On the other, the wrong seller is named as the owner. On both  there are missing pages, missing addendums,  contradictory terms,  timeframes that don’t work …  One doesn’t allow the buyer time to get financing … It’s unsigned, undated…  There is no price…  And on the other, the mortgage terms indicate a 30 year loan with an interest rate  of 60%.   Really?   And the agent says “Oops … sorry …  I’ll text you the price in a minute … I don’t know.”

As massacred and  hodgepodged as these two contracts are,  we will meet with our sellers and go over them.

Offers like these are so easy to reject – especially in today’s real estate market, where multiple offers are the norm …

And, each of these homes are receiving multiple offers.

Buyer’s agents who are hands-on and competent  are the ones who get their clients to the closing table.

I feel so badly for these buyers.  Both families love these homes ….   Neither has any idea they are working with someone so incompetent.

Good listing agents oversee both sides of the transaction.  On either of these, we will do that (and more!).   If our sellers wish to counter, we’ll make alterations, corrections, add what’s missing,  and then re-submit these offers to the buyer’s agents …  We will be ultra hands-on throughout ( the loan application process,  inspections,  insurance, title, survey, appraisal)    to make sure that no one drops the ball … and see to it that each of these actually get to the closing table.

If you’re looking to buy, sell or lease … and need an experienced Realtor to work with … please call us:  The Restivo Hechtman Team at EWM Realty International   Vicki Restivo 305 793-1365 [email protected]   …  Alexandra Hechtman 305 632-0164 [email protected]


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Lease-Purchase Options Give Buyers the Advantage

Lease-purchase agreeements normally benefit  the buyer… rather than the seller. 

A buyer can choose to exercise his/her option to buy … or he/she can walk away.

Price and terms are typically negotiated upfront – and put in writing … (time frames, lease terms, any portion of the lease that is to go toward the purchase price, dates by which the tenant must exercise his/her right to convert,  any financing contingencies, cash requirements,  downpayments,  whether subject to appraisal – or not,  inspection requirements, etc).

If the real estate market drops , the buyer can renegotiate the terms … or bow out.  If home prices soar, the seller is locked in. 

It’s the buyer who decides whether to move forward …  while the seller is obligated to sell.

Looking to buy, sell or lease property in South Florida?  …  Contact Vicki Restivo or Alexandra Hechtman at EWM Realty Int’l  305 793-1365 [email protected]


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