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Pinecrest Homes SOLD IN 2011 … SELLING AGAIN NOW!

Homes in Pinecrest that  SOLD in 2011  are SELLING AGAIN now. 

If bought a home at the height of the market, and think you can’t sell it again now, this may give you a broader perspective:

12800 SW 80 Ave               7/29/11    $710,000           $999,000

8145 SW 133 St                     6/15/11     $475,000           $789,000

12800 SW 80 Av                  4/15/11     $299,000           $445,000    

Each of these three homes closed within the past year, and are each again listed actively for sale at a higher price than their most recent sales price.   The owners have updated/renovated/staged …. and are reselling them. 

In Pinecrest there are currently 35 homes under contract.

If you are considering selling, we would love to talk with you about listing yours, because we have sold all our inventory…   and we need more listings!  We know the real estate market,  the South Florida neighborhoods, and are top real estate experts specializing  in Pinecrest, Coral Gables and Miami.  The Restivo Team at EWM Realtors  305 793-1365.  Contact us by phone or email ([email protected]).


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Does Your Neighborhood Sell Itself?


Neighbors who are visible (and happy!)  … out riding bikes, walking and chatting with other neighbors, puttering in their gardens, mowing their lawns,  their kids playing outside…  laughing and smiling …  can make for a  neighborhood that tends to sell itself.  

It’s not just YOUR curb appeal or the well-manicured facades of the homes to either side of yours… but it’s that sense of community … that sells a house.  

How your neighborhood is perceived by potential buyers  can impact  the sale of your house. 

If you’re buying … contemplating a new area …  we  suggest Read the rest of this entry »

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Top Advices for International Investors … Buying Miami

Whether you want investment property (a condo or a single family home)  to buy (and rent out as income producing property), or  whether you’re looking for vacation property for your own enjoyment,  there are several things to keep in mind … 

1) Pick a neighborhood that has the right amount of infrastructure for your needs (supermarkets, drycleaners, gas stations) ….  Some areas have good potential for the long term investor (depending on expectations) … and others already have an infrastructure in place: Read the rest of this entry »

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The picturesque skyline that defines Miami to the rest of the world, and known locally as Miami’s Brickell area,  is one of the hottest  neighborhoods in South Florida right now. Investors wanting bargains have their eye on Brickell.  For some reason, we are getting increasingly more inquiries from international buyers, looking to purchase luxury waterfront condos particularly along Brickell …  and a high percentage of them  are cash buyers expecting to strike it rich,  for a song and a dance.

So here’s the question of the day:  “Can you really  find condos for under $20o,ooo in Miami?”   Yes… you can find property to buy in Brickell for under $200,000  (and  some that even offer waterviews)…  but … (THERE IS a disclaimer here!)… Read the rest of this entry »

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Matheson Hammock: Miami’s Waterfront Park in Coral Gables

There is a  waterfront park in Coral Gables,  accessible from 9610 Old Cutler Road,  and adjacent to Fairchild Gardens, that  transforms at sunset from “lifeguarded swim cove and seaside playground” into a balmy sunset experience. It’s a sweet Miami secret… and as your Miami Realtors we will have many more to share with you!  Read the rest of this entry »

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Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club … Bare Basics or the Whole Works!


In case you’re wondering –   “Yes, you CAN  live in Deering Bay without any obligations whatsoever to join the country club.”

Deering Bay offers more than just homes and a pretty setting.  Deering Bay is one of South Florida’s premier gated residential communities, but it is probably as well known for being a premier yacht and country club as it is for it’s golf  and tennis.  

But… if country club amenities are among your ‘wish list’ have-to-haves, there are a lot more options available now  than before …  options for both country club membership and social membership.

I’ll be more than happy to provide you with additional information.   But below is a rough snapshot of what Deering Bay currently offers  in the way of  membership options…  Each includes spousal membership and includes children up to the age of 25  –   fortennis, swimming, fitness center, social events, dining (and obviously golf  privileges accompany the golf memberships).   COUNTRY CLUB MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS AT DEERING BAY: Read the rest of this entry »

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Beautiful 5 bedroom home in Pinecrest with 20 acres to explore!

11409 Four Fillies RdWe just listed a beautiful Pinecrest home, in the gated community of Smather’s Four Fillies. It’s a broker’s DREAM, driving into Four Fillies …  As I drove through the other day, there were children creating art work with chalk on the pavement…  tricycles, bicycles … dogs on leashes … a peacock in full plume…  and youngsters shooting hoops. Read the rest of this entry »

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Which Miami Neighborhood is Best for You?

If you’re  moving to Miami, there are a number of  top neighborhoods to choose from.  And the choice will definitely be a very personal decision. 

Proximity to top private schools important to you?   Or, are you leaning toward  “A” rated public schools instead?  Either of those can  influence your decision as to neighborhood.  (Many of our local Miami schools offer international or language programs, gifted enrollment, advanced placement classes, and programs geared toward special needs.)  

The size of the backyard,  size of the house itself,  age  & style of the neighboring homes, your  lifestyle preferences, travel time to work or to the airport,  access to major highways,  proximity to the beaches … Any or all of these will make one neighborhood  stand out over another and make one neighborhood appeal over another,  to you, as a buyer. 

At the moment I have several buyers looking for just the right house…  each interested in different price brackets  and each has different priorities…  They are eyeing Coral Gables,Pinecrest, and Coconut Grove…  weighing the pros and cons of each. If a handful of  our buyers are all asking similar questions about neighborhoods,  I thought it might be worth sharing a bit about the unique aspects of a few of our  Top Miami Neighborhoods with you as well.  So, in a nutshell: Read the rest of this entry »

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Palmetto Bay – $455,000 Botanical-Tropical-Garden Home is my TOP Choice this month

This home is my top pick this month.  We showed it to a fun-loving, outgoing, energetic couple, anxious  to buy their first home,  and we submitted an offer on their behalf… BUT… the house is still available… and I’ll tell you why. 

16710 SW 82 Ct Pool

I took our buyers (who were  in the very earliest stages of house hunting) to see this home… and I was pretty sure that it fit almost everything on their wish list:  Top Miami neighborhood (essential for young executives buying their first place),  new kitchen, rennovated, 4 bedrooms, with a pool, for under $500K,  move-in perfect, on a charming street, with a ‘walkability factor’, excellent public schools, parks, a vibrant sense of community, “neighborly” neighbors…. and a smattering of restaurants semi close-by where they could meet friends on the spur of the moment.  Priced at $455,000, 16710 SW 82 Ct in Palmetto Bay offered Read the rest of this entry »

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Real Estate Rebounds in South Florida – Another Pinecrest Home Sells in Minutes!

6335 SW 107  PinecrestReal estate may still be sluggish in some parts of the country, but in Miami buyers have to move very quickly when they find a property, or it will be gone.  

Before the for sale sign was  in the front yard and before the interior photos were visible on the MLS, the house was under contract.  Listed for  $1,300,000 by EWM (or $272.77   a square foot) .

My buyers could have put a contract in on it  sight unseen,  and  might have had a glancing shot at getting this house … It went that fast.  I’m telling you, it went within minutes!

The house is nestled onto a meandering  circular street in north Pinecrest… 6335 SW 107th Street, just east of Ludlam. It’s one of those elegantly understated ranch-style homes … (the kind of one-story, updated South Florida home that literally fly off the shelves these days in Pinecrest). 

5 bedrooms …  4.5 baths…  office/playroom …  4766 square feet of living area…  a spacious covered patio with a built-in gas grill… on almost an acre of land… It has what so many home buyers are looking for:  Not only is it graciously updated, but it is very appealing from the curb and not only that, but it has outdoor spaces that reel the buyers in –  hook, line and sinker!   And the neighbors just happen to be  great neighbors! 

Unfortunate for our buyers who couldn’t  drop everything and rush over to take a look  that very first day it was listed …  because it’s  under contract.  It went under contract before the for sale sign  went up. 

Once the actual sales price is made available, after closing, we will share the details with you.

If you are considering selling your home in this market, price it to sell. It will put you in a better position to get a higher sales price than you might otherwise get.  If you are looking for a an experienced Realtor,  who knows the market inside out, call me anytime on my cell 305-793-1365

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