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Staging Your Home … Why Bother?

If you follow our real estate blog,  you may have read other articles on staging and interior design.  Interior decorating is for a home that’s to be lived in.   It’s entirely another design concept to  “stage” a home in order to sell it.

Staging a home may well make it sell faster …   49%  quicker,  according to the National Association of Realtors.   Not only that, but staging your house  tends to bring a higher price tag (as much as 10% above the average list price in the MLS, according to N.A.R.)

The idea of staging is to make the house appear as  uncluttered as possible …  and make the spaces flow (for the visitor who is seeing it from an upright, rather than a seated perspective).   Staging is different from interior decorating  (which is for those residing …  sitting and staying for long periods of time) … Staging is done strictly for the visual appeal  and it’s meant to entice a buyer to wander through and imagine himself/or herself and his/or her belongings there.

Staging  pulls the buyer’s eye from one space to the next,   creating a visual that lures buyer’s attention from  room to room, without   lot of distraction .  The house is de-personalized in staging it,  and it’s  decorated using a simple concept that less is better …  using sporadic focal points and  color to create a sense of tranquility .

If you are looking to sell your house, we’d love to chat with you!   There are buyers … but not a lot of inventory… especially not in Miami.   Give us a call, anytime!  The Restivo Team at EWM Realtors …  305 793-1365  [email protected]


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Staging Your Home To Sell








Staging is a great way to present your house to potential buyers. I’m not talking a big ordeal, but even a few simple changes make a huge impact.Here are some easy ways to stage your home:

  • Add a coat of paint to the inside and/or outside of the house to freshen it up. Use some neutral colors if you’re starting fresh, a color that will appeal to the masses.
  • Clean up the yard. Trim plants to make them look whole, add flowers to the garden. Add some potted plants with some pretty flowers. You can also add two adderondak chairs to the back or front patio to add some charm.
  • Move some furniture around to make rooms look bigger. Center furniure off of windows and place it so the room flows.
  • De-clutter. Put away family photos (it’s a head start on packing things for your move). Don’t leave a lot of applicances on kitchen counters. Put away things in the bathroom (like toothbrushes) while it’s on the market.
  • Add little touches like a vase of fresh flowers to the dining room table or a bowl of lemons on a table or kitchen counter.

These are just some fast and easy ways to get your house ready to sell. Contact the Restivo Team to help give you more ideas and to sell your home. We are always learning new ways to stage and we know how to sell your home.

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Pivital Role of Color Selection in Home Staging

We’ve been told that neutral colors appeal to the widest base of potential buyers.  And for the most part, that’s true  (especially when the neutral colors are combined with warm accent pieces) …   The idea isn’t just to have a blank canvas , but to have some warmth and intrigue as well.

Splashes of color in accent pieces (piece of art, a vase, flowers, table decoration)  provide a focal point.

In Miami,  earthy tones  (and use of stone, pebble, and rock), are often used to  create a spa-like feel.   The use of  texture, natural stone and wood  seem to be rather universally appealing, and in vogue.

By far the  most widespread appeal comes from using  orange, yellow, green and red hues.  A single accent wall can create contrast and compliment the rest of the room, or  serve as a backdrop to showcase a piece of art.

Staging a house for sale is something we do to make a statement, and create impact.   Setting the stage (‘staging’) seems to bring heftier sales prices on the homes we list and sell.   If you’re looking to sell your home, and need a knowledgeable real estate professional to list and sell it, we would love to talk with you.  Call us anytime you’re ready –  Restivo Team at EWM Realtors  –  Vicki Restivo 305 793-1365   –  Alexandra  Restivo 306 632-0164.

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Advice for Home Sellers: Two opportunities to grab a buyer!

How does a BUYER choose  YOUR PROPERTY?  How do they decide YOURS  is  right   for them?

It can happen in the  blink of an eye… in literally seconds …  

Your first opportunity to make a sale is online … with your photos and marketing…. so make the photos captivating .  Keep them scrolling through your listing rather clicking to another property.

Your second opportunity is  the when your potential BUYER  sees or actually enters the property.

IF your place has anything in the way of a view:   Whether it’s those online photos, or that fist impact as the buyer initially steps foot inside   …  capitalize on the view … DON’T HAVE THEM WALK INTO A BLOCKED VIEW!   

Choose photos that will entice  buyers  to linger on online (on YOUR listings) for long enough to ‘get interested’.   (Blurry shots and dark or miniscule photos  deter buyers – and  buyer’s agents!)

I showed a slew of  luxury ocean-front condos on Miami Beach to buyers this past weekend.  And  the #1 resounding mistake  I noted were just how many were ‘caves’ … with blinds that were closed tight … and lights that were off … and shutters that were sealed tight.   

If your prime selling point is the view, keeping the drapes closed or the windows shuttered is a mistake!  If there’s a water view, that’s worth showing off!   Most people looking for waterfront property want to see the view  …   Read the rest of this entry »

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Advice for first-time homebuyers – Important decisions

The first place I bought was in New York City.

What I wanted was a condo on the Upper East Side, one that the owners had converted from a studio into a phenomenal one-bedroom condo.  It was furnished impeccably…  and looked as though it came from the pages of Architectural Digest   …   but the price tag reflected that.

What I bought instead was the same exact unit,  one floor down… for half the price. 

Mine was an estate sale …  in it’s original condition … (It was dark and dingy … in need of  considerable TLC)…   for half the pricetag of the one I’d really wanted, upstairs.

Having had the opportunity of seeing the one upstairs first … I could envision exactly what could be done with the ugly one downstairs.  I knew  that with Read the rest of this entry »

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Home-buying: A multi-sensory experience


Buyers react viscerally  to sights, smells and sensations.  The right first impressions often can (and do) sell a house.

Imperceptably, buyers will react positively toward the smell of jasmine by the front door, freshly baked cookies, birds chirping in the trees, crisp linens… or a very subtle candle scent.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Nifty Tricks with Floorplans and Furniture Arranging

After submitting an offer, and avidly negotiating the purchase of your new home,  you are popping the Champagne and celebrating …  “Offer accepted!” … 

Then you start thinking:  ” What furniture should I bring (and what should I ditch)? … how  am I going to arrange the stuff I have already,  in my NEW HOME …  and what am I going to have to buy?”   

Most of our home buyers aren’t interior decorators …  With a little help (graph paper … room dimensions… and some furniture pieces cut to scale) arranging furniture is less stressful … less back-breaking …  less trial and error…  and a whole lot easier than hefting bulky furnishings from one side of the room to another and back again.     Read the rest of this entry »

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3 Seconds to SELL YOUR HOUSE

Not sure whether first impressions count?  

Last week,  I was scouring through  a couple hundred listings online.   I excluded properties fast.   My search criteria was specific to the buyers we were working with …   

I’d  read through  120 (or so)  property descriptions…. then narrowed it to the top  45-50…    looking for value.   

Once I clicked over to  the online  photos  ….  it took me only a second or two to scratch  potential properties.   I needed  the top 10 in my buyer’s price point…  and was  narrowing it …  based on curb appeal and “house pride”.  

It’s easy to sell a home when you have photos and descriptions that tell more of a story Read the rest of this entry »

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Camoflage? Flip?

Looking to buy a home?  Keep your antenna up!  

There is nothing inherently wrong with  flipping  property… nor anything wrong with having it staged.   What about “covering up” though?   … Let me tell you…  If  a seller moves an area rug to hide a water mark on the wood floor, I’m going to wonder what else that seller is hiding! Read the rest of this entry »

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Getting Your House Ready to Sell? How To Decide What Needs Doing

First of all,  DO NOT DECLUTTER!   Why am I telling you,  “Don’t  declutter”?   I might use some of what you’re boxing, to stage the property.

Have 2 people walk through and jot down what needs doing.    Your Realtor can be one of those 2 people.   (Helping you figure out what needs doing is part of we do when we list your house.  It’s free … and the insight you’ll get can prove to be invaluable.)  

As far as you TO-DO LIST is concernted, you might be surprised at what others see as needing fixing.   Often, it’s the little, inexpensive things that catch the eye of a ‘stranger’ (ie.  “buyer”)…    You don’t want to miss those, because they are often the deal-breakers.  Read the rest of this entry »

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