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Millionaire’s Row


Playground for the world’s elite,  Miami Beach has some of the most exquisite real estate anywhere in South Florida… even today.  Millionaire’s Row …  a  21 block expanse of  waterfront property stretches  from 41st to 62nd Streets…  is home to some of the world’s most affluent and influential business moguls and residents… and a tourist mecca  unique only to Florida.  For any of us fortunate enough to live here,  Miami is  paradise … our year-round tropical climate  irresistible!

A tidbit of history:  In the early 1900’s Miami Beach was almost inaccessible.  By 1913,  the world’s longest wooden bridge linked the  the mainland to the island… drawing  well-to-do northerner’s (hoping to escape the  harsh winters elsewhere) to Miami Beach.  Carl Fisher and John Collins saw the potential… capitalizing on the undeveloped island. Together they created a major tourist destination for the world’s privileged… paving the way for what was to become Millionaire’s  Row, and  eventually the Miami Beach as we know it. 

Today, a number of  bridges allow easy access on and off  the island,  with Miami International Airport,  just a few miles away (on the mainland). 

The waterways and the inter-coastal are home to million dollar yachts, and sun drenched beaches and crystalline water stretches on for miles.  Views extend as far as the eye can see, and  architectural masterpieces dominate the skyline …  with waterfront condominiums, hotels for the affluent and well-traveled.  Miami Beach offers an unrivaled lifestyle for the world’s pampered.  Sun, sand, surf …   common ground for  international visitors and local residents looking for luxury living.

Miami’s sizeable  boom in construction and development over the recent years has only increased the allure of Miami Beach. Millionaire’s Row remains one of the most desirable and sought-after strips of waterfront property available anywhere.