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Barbara Corcoran: Preparing for Today Show on Miami Real Estate Market

Vicki –  I’m coming down to Miami next week to do a segment for The Today Show on the Miami Real Estate Market. As you know that market better than most, I thought you’d be the best person to give me the lay of the land. If you have a few moments could you answer these questions for me?

1) Which groups of people are moving into Miami and which are moving out?

2) Who has the most money and what kinds of properties and locations are they vying for?

3) What kind of property sells best now and which properties are not selling?

4) How are the new developments selling and are builders still building them?   Do they discount prices       substantially?

5) Where are the real deals to be made? In Miami itself, SouthBeach, etc?

6) Are there auctions like there are in the rest ov the state?

7) What are the up and coming areas and why? Wynwood section across Biscayne Bay?

8) Is Miami still a retirement oasis or are prices too far out of reach for people wishing to retire there?

9) Last, I looked ofer the NAR Report that came out yesterday and it showed that prices in Miami had only dropped 6% last year.  That’s so much better than everywhere else in Florida.  Can you give me your impression why.

For the responses to Barbara Corcoran’s questions posed to Ron Shuffield and Vicki Restivo, click here___________:


I can’t thank you enough for all the information and perspective you sent my way.  Between your insight and Ron Shuffields’, I’m a one day genius on Miami. 
Again, thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and information.  I wish I had time for a brief tour with you and Ron, but NBC is flying me in and flying me out.