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Miami Dog Parks


DOG FRIENDLY PARKS welcome dogs (on leashes)  and their owners,  and provide bag dispensers and trash recepticles (for clean up). In Miami-Dade there are currently 13 dog friendly parks, all  listed below.   You’ll need proof of registration and vaccination… from any state… for entry.   Or there’s Doggie Day Camp … and the yellow doggie bus …  for happy campers (

Actual DOG PARKS are specified fenced off areas within a larger park.  Many have equipment and furniture designed specifically for dogs to romp and play… along with plenty of shade, water fountains or features, an occasional lake, hosing stations, bags for clean-up, benches and drinking fountains for pet owners . 

There are now THREE MAIN DOG PARKS run by Miami Dade Parks & Recreation:

DOG RUN PARKS  allow  pets to run freely, without the need for owners to clean up after them . They are set up somewhat differently from Dog Friendly, or Dog Parks:  Clean-up bags are NOT provided, nor is water.

Neighbors and local residents are one of the BEST sources of information for area new-comers… and their pets!  A new Doggie Park just recently opened at Tropical Park (2 acres worth!) and Nancy Sanabria did a ‘test run”, and thought Tropical Park’s Doggie Park was worth sharing:  She’s a great neighbor and friend…  passionate dog owner… so I am sharing her insights with anyone relocating to Miami … especially animal owners who might like to know about the newest addition to pet-friendly Miami:  Tropical Park’s  New Doggie Park

“On Sunday there was a family birthday party for a dog at Tropical Park’s Dog Park… The pet wore a tiara … Everyone ate cake!  The new dog park is clean. The people and pets are respectful, friendly and nice. The new two-acre dog park is divided into two areas, one for larger dogs weighing over 35 pounds and one for smaller dogs weighing less than 35 pounds. Both areas have play equipment (a tire jump, window jump, king-of-the-hill ramp, dog walk, etc).  The dog park has dog comfort stations with doggy drinking fountains and water sprays, pooper scoopers to keep the areas clean, and a shade structure overlapping each side. The park has a  promenade with park benches, and the promenade overlooks the lake. There are  shade and flowering trees, a common area for dog owners with water fountains and an informational kiosk.   A walkway connects all areas of the dog park, making it ADA accessible.”

The Miami-Dade Website is a good source of information for Dog Friendly Parks (which means the park allows leashed dogs), Dog Parks (where your pets can roam freely), and Dog Run Parks (again, for leashed pets).  By the way, signage at the entrance to each of the parks will tell you whether  your pets need to be kept on a leash, or whether they can run free. This link will take you directly to the site (click here).   

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