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Moving Tips

Anything that is  irreplaceable,  carry it with you.   Don’t pack it.  Don’t send it with the movers:   Wills, stocks, bonds, securities, jewelry, cash, collector items…

You’ll want to have cash, credit cards, a cell phone, car keys, airline tickets, and your new address  readily available.

WHAT TO DO BEFOREHAND:   Schedule any utility disconnections for the day after your move out … and arrange for utility hook ups in your new home for the day before move in.   That includes electric, gas, water, sewer, telephone, cable.   Submit a change of address form – for mail forwarding.  The post office will have those – and you can get them online.  Cancel newspaper deliveries.  Advise your insurance companies (auto/home/liability/life insurance), credit card companies, doctors, dentists  of your address change.

Some moving companies will handle the assembly beds and arrange furniture if you arrange in for that in advance.   If you wish them to,  have a sketch of the ‘floorplan’ laid out for them .    Label all of your boxes as to which room they are to go into (Kitchen/ Master Bath/Office/Upstairs Bedroom/Library…).

There are also local companies in many cities that you can hire to actually unpack and organize your belongings, once the mover delivers and unloads the truck.   Some of them will hang clothes in the closets, and organize  your kitchen so you can wake up the next morning and make coffee and have toast.

Moving can be stressful and hectic …  but we help simplify things for you,  so they run smoothly.   Thank you for relying on us,  for following our real estate blog, and for referring friends and family.    We look forward to your continued referrals, and to helping you the next time you move.  Vicki Restivo & Alexandra Restivo Hechtman  305 793-1365   and   305 632-0164.